10 of the most popular engagement ring shapes

Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes. After they are sourced from their rawest form and sold into the world for purchase, they have to go through some processes by skilled diamond cutters. These gems are then carved into many desirable diamond shapes and come in many different sizes. Normally you would think the larger the diamond the more expensive it should be, but there a few things to consider when you finally decide on the design and size to…

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Choosing the Right Company for Recycled Diamonds

“A Diamond is Forever” so much in fact, that we can’t outlive them. These stunning stones have now created an investment opportunity for companies to introduce them back into the jewellery market. Let’s take a look at the process behind buying a recycled diamond. What are recycled diamonds? Diamond recycling has been is growing in popularity, but what does it actually involve? As a mined diamond will last forever why not introduce it back into the market? This is exactly…


19 Crazy Facts about Engagement Rings.

Buying an Engagement Ring? Read this first.. The average cost for an Engagement Ring now stands at around 2K. Tradition states you should be spending around two months wages on that special item. But there are so many options to consider when buying a ring that the average figure really does get thrown out of the window. A beautiful looking ring can start as low as £300 and work its way up to a cool £1 million. Your final ring…


Renowned Vintage Jewellery Designer Heads to London

Beverley K to Show at International Jewellery London San Diego, CA–Beverley K announced today the company will present a record number of new vintage-inspired designs at the upcoming International Jewellery London show on September 4-6, 2016 . The multi-award winning jewellery designer is renowned for its vintage styles, detail work, customization services, and craftsmanship. “We look forward to attending the show to present our line again this year,” says Morrie Knopp, owner of Beverley K. “Last year we hit the…


Inger Moss models Annika Rutlin’s sterling silver United Collection

Model agency director and matriarch to the stunning Lottie and infamous Kate, Inger Moss truly understands style. Designed to bring all ages together in timeless fashion, Inger models Annika Rutlin’s “United” collection which debuts at International Jewellery London –  stand S47. A bold and eye catching sterling silver interlocking circle collection that exudes the clean cut crisp style of the modern woman. Source link


Buying a Wedding Ring? Read this first

Viewed as a symbol of eternity and a statement of marriage worldwide, the wedding ring has believed to date back over 6000 years ago to ancient Egypt where bands of reeds or braids were exchanged by wedding couples. Today the trend expands to solid bands of precious metal. From 2012 onwards the office for national statistics stated that weddings in England and Wales has increased each year with 2012 recording 262,240 weddings & Civil Ceremonies. This accounts for a staggering 1 Billion…


5 Prom Accessories You Definitely Should Consider

There is nothing more exciting in the life of a young lady than being asked to prom. This night is often seen as a sort of rite of passage from being a young girl to a young lady just entering adulthood. Being asked to prom is a crowning achievement and one that every girl dreams of throughout her formative years. Now that the day is upon you, it’s time to pick your prom dress on sites like, accessorise it and then there is…


Be Bold. Be Bond! – A look at the Omega Seamaster 300m

When one considers James Bond’s icon characteristics, a luxury timepiece (gadget-laden, of course) is right up there with the tuxedo, bow-tie, Martini glass, and sleek automobile. We absolutely adored the Omega Seamaster 300M as presented by Banks Lyon – Jewellery & Watches. This particular time piece was worn primarily by Pierce Brosnan during his tenure as Britain’s finest secret service – The information below provides a visual introduction and complete gadget overview to this fine wristwatch. Thanks to Banks Lyon for providing the artwork for…


Pieces of Mine – Independant design at its best

The launch of London-based online platform Pieces of Mine has gained a lot attention recently due to its unique, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces from the most exciting independent jewellery designers from around the world. Pieces of Mine is a new fash-tech startup, which brings a collection of curated jewellery designs from independent designers to a broader audience. Founder Nadine Oei states that “Despite the many distribution channels available nowadays, there is still a huge gap between emerging designers who are trying to get their…


The Jane Seymour – presented by World of Diamonds

A Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond Ring, in Platinum A three-dimensional object only has the magnitudes of space – length, breadth, and depth. The Jane Seymour is an object of power, a four-dimensional creation with the precious aura that spells the pinnacle of perfection. It alludes to the ambassadors who have travelled the globe in search of finesse; it allows you to venture into the remarkable expression that cannot be expressed in words. Reflecting the power celebrity who has clinched an Emmy Award, two…